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If you experience a loss, please have your policy number ready, and then. . .

  • Call toll free 1-888-748-4326 to reach the 24-hour GuideLine® Claims Reporting Service, available 365 days-a-year. Or, contact your GuideOne agent to report a claim

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About Our Services

Learn About GuideOne Quality Claims Service

GuideOne leads the industry in providing fast, efficient claims assistance.

The GuideOne Claims Team will put your mind at ease with fast, efficient claims service delivered by people who care. Whether it's damage from a storm, an auto accident, burglary or other type of loss, you deserve immediate, caring claims assistance.

With a GuideOne policy, you can always count on receiving fast, efficient claims service designed to exceed your expectations. The GuideOne Claims Team is committed to surpassing all other companies in providing the most prompt, compassionate assistance in times of need. Because of the team's dedication, each claim is handled quickly and settled fairly with a caring attitude.

  • GuideOne employs a full-time staff of insurance adjusters who provide superior service, expertise, and personal attention to policyholders. Many other companies only use independent adjusters and outsource this critical function.

  • Catastrophe Team Vehicle
In the event of a major disaster anywhere in the country, GuideOne's Catastrophe Team (CAT Team) is committed to arriving on the scene within 24 hours to assess damage.

  • GC3 specializes in the repair and rebuilding of commercial properties and is available to assist policyholders with construction needs.

  • GuideOne has partnered with Safelite® Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of auto glass claim management services, to offer GuideOne policyholders efficient glass repair and replacement service

  • Through GuideOne's relationships with several contractors, roof repairs and water removal can be expedited to help avoid additional damage.

  • Prompt claims service is guaranteed for auto claims. Once reported, GuideOne's Claims Team will contact you within two business days or your deductible will be waived.

  • Just as important, we understand that filing a claim can be a stressful situation for many customers. So we listen carefully and try to make the claims process as easy as possible—leaving you with one less worry.

Learn how you can keep insurance costs down by helping prevent insurance fraud.

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Auto Glass Damage

Visit the SafeLite Self-Service WebsiteGuideOne has partnered with Safelite® Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of auto glass claim management services, to offer GuideOne policyholders efficient glass repair and replacement service.

It's easy to get started.

  • Have your policy number ready, and call toll free 1-888-748-4326 to reach the 24-hour GuideLine®Claims Reporting Service. Follow the prompts for reporting a new claim and then the window damage reporting option.

  • OR visit the GuideOne-Safelite self-service website GuideOne-Safelite self-service website; and enter your GuideOne policy number and the date the damage occurred.

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Construction Services from GC3

If your organization is planning to repair or rebuild a damaged facility, construct a new building, or expand your existing facility, visit with the experts at GC3, a fully owned construction organization of GuideOne Insurance.

Visit the GC3 websiteGC3 is a premier claims construction and consulting company specializing in the reconstruction of churches, schools, senior living centers, institutions and businesses. GC3 professionals understand your organization's unique requirements and can assist with a full range of services-from initial planning and design, to overseeing all phases of construction.

To learn more . . .

Call 515-267-2470, or toll free at 1-888-747-0854

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